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A Bo & Luca gown can only be described as a form of art, inspired by beauty, exoticism and culture. Bo & Luca are known for their signature bohemian luxe design aesthetic, effortless and uncomplicated styling and easy elegance. It is so easy to fall in love with every single piece as you discover how perfect their metallic threads, stones, sequins, faux pearls, crystals, hand cut silk petals and embroidered silk tulips are, a style like no other.

"Rewriting the rules of bridal design and not driven by either trends or tradition, these are the gowns that tell an epic story – the story of the wearer and her loves. Speaking to her traversing ways, to her passion for adventure, to her desire to take the road less travelled, to her liberation to dress for herself and her story. Fiercely independent with a soulful allure, her style is as innate as her story unique. Her days are spent wandering and her euphoric nights dreaming. Wherever she is, she is going her own way."


Price; £2,400 - £4,000

Bride; Luxury bohemian

Designer; Shannon Pittman

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