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We have been keeping a secret about this Aussie downtown IT girl brand that we and the entire internet are obsessing over – Oh YEAH guurl we are bringing CHOSEN by One Day to Northern Ireland. It was love at first sparkle the minute our eyes laid on this unique mirrored fabric which is known as NALA. The PUUUUURFECT dress for a bride looking for something truly original and daring – yet show stopping in the best possible way.

We met with the lovely Kyha & Stephanie last year in New York when we made a last minute decision to attend bridal week. The pieces throughout each collection are all so different to one another yet on a rail they form the most unique collection when altogether. It was incredible to see the design and to hear of their story while talking to them. I fell in love instantly and knew that Ivy & White would make a good home for these beauties. A very small selection of boutiques stock CHOSEN, so having it here amongst our other beautiful brands is a goal in its own. – 2020 brides are you ready for this?

We will be stocking a playful, fun mix between the collections ‘Untamed Paradise’, ‘La Bella Donna’, and ‘Limoncello’.

If you LOVE Chosen then we have a trunkshow coming up with their latest collection 'Desert Rose'. This collection blew us away on our latest buying trip in New York! Slightly lighter fabric that previously, but still made with bonded georgette that holds us in and keeps our figure sitting flawless. This collection also includes their latest fabric - silk satin. This super silky almost liquid gold fabric is so luscious, you will never want to take it off.

CHOSEN trunkshow - 17th - 19th January


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