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Our virtual appointments and At Home service are now live! Everything you need to know before you book our one - one virtual appointments.





We are so excited to launch our At Home service, so that our brides can start prepping for their weddings. We totally understand that COVID has caused disruption, but we want to still help you as best we can. The At Home + Virtual appointments are a great way to step inside our studio and see our dresses all from the comfort of your home. We will chat with you about your style, the designers you love, the fabric you prefer, the nitty gritty lead times and prices and everything in-between so that you are ahead of the game when it comes to the dress search.

If you decide to book our At Home service we will work with you to arrange a delivery day and ship your top 4 options to your house. Then it is over to you, to try on your selection and get all the bridal feels as you shop with your bubble. We are on hand to chat/zoom call to assist you with clipping in + taking measurements.

As a thank you for using our service we will also gift you a Le Contour candle and a Ivy & White tote.

The At Home service costs £120 + Shipping. The service fee is then redeemed against a purchase if made in 14 days.

How much does the At Home Service costs?

The At Home service costs £120 + shipping. The fee is then redeemed against a purchase if made within 14 days from the At Home service. The fee however is non-refundable.

Is this service locally based?

We offer this service across the UK and Ireland. The shipping cost will depend on where you are based. We can find out all this information before you book the At Home Service.

How long can I keep the dresses for?

The dresses will be sent to you and you can hold onto them for 2 days. We will arrange the shipping too and from you with a DHL courier.

Do I need to sign a contract beforehand?

Yes before we send the dresses to you a contract is provided which explains all the terms and conditions. Once this is returned we will then set up the shipment to you. This is to ensure our stock is returned safely and in the same condition as they were sent in.

What sizes are your dresses?

Our dresses range between 10-16. We will chat through sizes etc during the virtual appointment and I can demonstrate how to take in the dress with our bridal clips.

If I was to say yes, how long will it take for my dress to arrive in store?.

Our dresses take 5-6 months to arrive with us in store. However we can work with your wedding date if a shorter lead time is required. The dress will arrive with us and we will then book your next fitting which will be for collection.

How much of a deposit is required to put my dress into production?

We require a 50% deposit, and then the remaining balance is paid within 90 days.

Sounds like this could work for you. Head to our booking tabs and pick your slot. :)

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